Sick & Tired Of Spending Thousands of Dollars Each Month on Ads to Bring in New Customers?

How you'll get 2X the Customers for 1/2 the Cost as part of this exclusive DeerfieldBeach Association.

If your business is located in South Florida, you could be eligible to participate in an exclusive Viral Promotion for getting new customers beating a path to your door.

What is this all about? 

Find out about an exclusive marketing plan coming to Deerfield Beach in Fall, 2018.

I urge you to read this entire page carefully before your competitor does. 

If you have any questions, please call or text 954-778-5137

Get More Customers While Spending Less For Ads

The Day I discovered the power of Google rankings from unscripted video of satisfied customers. 

Our Direct Marketing Teams Get the Leads & Your Business Gets the Customers. We set up an automated follow up system to bring these fresh customers to your door.

Our HOLA Girls go around the beaches and other places where crowds gather, scooping up the contact details of the people they meet.

These details are entered into our database and we invite them to come to your establishment.

We then follow up with these potential customers for you each week  using Social Media, SMS & Email Marketing to drive them to your door.

The HOLA Girls also visit your establishment & take Selfies with your customers and post them on Social Media.

This creates greater awareness and viral promotion for your business. These customers will post these Videos & Images to their Social Timelines & invite their friends to come join them.

Do you see the power of HOLANET?  Remember, this is only available for 1 noncompeting business per area.

What if ... You & a Group Of Non Competing Businesses In Your Local Area Banded Together & E-Mailed to Each Other's Customers?

These are all non competitive businesses. No one is going to “steal” YOUR Customers.

By having each exclusive niche business share their customer email lists, the viral effect is awesome for all in the Club. (Don’t worry, the lists are maintained by a neutral 3rd party who does the actual mailing.

And…What about gathering up a whole bunch more emails with part 2 of the campaign? The HOLA Girls Social Media Team.

Our HOLA team works for you gathering new customers all around town.

You, along with the other Members of the Best of Deerfield Beach Merchants Association, will be on top of Google.

  • Email marketing has a better ROI than any other type of marketing at 4,300% (source: Direct Marketing Association)

  • 66% of consumers – have purchased something online as a direct result of an email marketing. (source: Direct Marketing Association)

  • More than half – 54% of marketing emails sent by businesses – are opened on a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. 
  • Please Understand. Exclusive Partnerships for Your Niche & Area are Awarded on a First Come Basis.
  • When our representative stops by to gather video and imagery at your establishment, they will determine if your business passes our test.
  • If you are selected to be included in the Best Of Deerfield Beach, you will be given our intake form & that will need to be completed within 24 hours.
  • You Have no time to “Think About It.”
  • Once Your Niche In Your Area Is Gone-It’s Gone. You’ll Be Shut Out Of This Promotion Forever. (don’t blame us if you didn’t act soon enough)

You Must Call Now!

Availability is subject to change at any moment for your area niche.

Remember, only 1 business in each category is allowed to participate in this promotion. Once your niche has been taken, it will be too late and you will be shut out of this promotion.

Call Now to check availability for your niche, & to schedule an appointment to create your free video page. 954-778-5137